Summer favorites

Summer is Michigan is usually pretty mild and enjoyable. This year, it was just too stupid hot to do much of anything! OK, maybe I’m just being melodramatic and wimpy.

Before I start dreaming too much about fall, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from the summer season!


Ohhh the Great Smoky Mountains… how beautiful you are! We got married a few months ago, but took our honeymoon in August. Part of our trip includes a few days in Gatlinburg, so we explored the beautiful national park, trails and scenic overlooks. It was absolutely breathtaking! We agreed we’d love to go back someday during autumn.


Podcasts have slowly taken over my earbuds this year, even more so when I stumbled upon Samantha Lee Wright’s “The Essential Oil Revolution Podcast” I was absolutely thrilled. I’m also awed at the amount of knowledge  this girl shares all for the sake of empower!

Here are some of my favorite episodes:



When I began experimenting with more natural beauty products, I was a little worried about the summer months. I am happy to report that the Andalou Naturals CC cream did an excellent job despite the hotter than usual weather. When I got sweaty, I never felt like it was sliding off my face or making it more oily. And it had the added bonus of SPF 30 (I’m really bad at putting sunscreen on!). It is light enough for summer but it will be a perfect transition for fall and winter when I need more coverage.

The best part is, the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database ranks it a #1, low-risk product… hooray!



Kudos to Val @VWunder_pitsandpies for sharing this excellent bug spray recipe. I used it without fail on weekend camping trips and on our trip to the mountains! Although I had to reapply a number of times, I had peace of mind knowing it wasn’t toxic! And it smells a thousand times better.



Dieting is the bane of my existence… but I NEED to eat better. Eating paleo has been one of the most easiest transitions for me. I started with Whole30, which was a bit too extreme, but when I found other great paleo resources it clicked for me! The “Ultimate Paleo Cookbook” has been my go-to for the past month… so many great recipes!



We are big Costco shoppers, mostly because we now eat a ton of meat and produce. They have an excellent selection of organic choices, but they don’t always have some of the specialty items I’m looking for. Enter: Thrive Market. The online health food store has amazing prices and a great selection.

Here’s a look at my first box:

Although it is subscription based, you will easily make of the cost in just a few orders. Get 15% off your first order here.



I have been LOVING this pomegranate green tea. I choose the cold brew method primarily because it’s hot and I’m lazy. I’ll stick two tea bags in a large glass bottle and let it steep overnight. It’s been a very refreshing treat instead of soda during my usual afternoon slump at work. Sometimes, I even add an extra bit of flavor with a bit of honey and a few drops of Slique Essence (reduces my snack tooth like woah!).


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