Essential Oils for Dudes: Beard Oil

Real men use essential oils. If your beard is feeling a bit scraggly, itchy or straw-like, try this beard oil to help improve the overall look, feel and texture. It also helps reduce split-ends!

Just a few days ago, my husband was complaining about how scratchy his beard was. And has luck would have it, I stumble across this recipe the next day. This is such a fun (and useful) way to incorporate oils in your dude’s life, I had to share!


My husband Ben hasn’t fully adopted essential oils into his everyday routine, but luckily he was up for trying the beard oil. I happily obliged and quickly made him a spray bottle with this recipe.


As he passed me in the bathroom making this concoction, he says, “You look like a chemist!” In some ways, I feel that way! And I love making products that can improve our lives in a healthy way.

In true DIY fashion, I made a few modifications to the recipe because I didn’t have everything it called for. No dropper bottle, so I double the recipe for a 2 oz spray bottle (bonus: easier application for hubby, in my opinion). I’m also out of Bergamot, so I subbed in Tea Tree. And instead of Grapeseed oil,  I used half Vitamin E oil and half franctionated coconut oil.

I’d like to make note that the recipe calls for 7mls of Jojoba oil, which is approximately 1.5 teaspoons, and 3mls of Grapeseed oil, which is approx. half a teaspoon (Thanks to Google for the a handy, dandy conversion calculator).

Click to download a fun label for your dude’s beard oil bottle!

When I asked Ben what he thought of the mixture, I only got two words: “Smells manly.” I guess that’s a win in my book!

Check out this infographic for other “manly” ways to use essential oils!



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