Essential Rewards Extravaganza! July PV promos with Young Living

This morning, I was like a kid on Christmas morning! I shot out of bed and quickly logged on the Young Living website to see what this month’s promotions were. July will be my very first Essential Rewards order, so I couldn’t wait to see what the free products would be.

I’ve had my order ready since I registered for ER in late June, but I had a few other things I would add to my order if the promotions were good. Turns out, they are AWESOME!

March_image sizes_ALL


Note: PV is a point system assigned to products roughly based on dollar value. You’ll see the PV total on each item as you add it to your order.

Click her for full details on this month’s exclusive rewards


I consider lavender one of my gateway oils. We received it as a part of a wedding gift and first experimented with it in our diffuser to help with sleep. Hubby loves it too!

I’m so excited to see lavender as this month’s promo theme because it was going on my order ANYWAY! Now I can get it for free with two extra bottles for gifts for others. Score!

Interested in learning more about lavender’s awesome properties? Read on: Lavender Oil Benefits and 20 Ways to Use Lavender




It just keeps getting better! With the July Voucher Promo offer, you can earn a $20 credit to give to a new member for his or her first Premium Starter Kit. To earn the voucher, your ER order must be at least 250 PV, which means you get some awesome goodies and the gift of sharing Young Living with a friend. I knew EXACTLY who I’m gifting my voucher to 🙂


And here’s a bonus for anyone not taking advantage of Essential Rewards. Sign up for your first ever Essential Rewards with an order of at least 100 PV and get a a free 5-ml bottle of Grapefruit Vitality™ dietary oil and a free 5-ml bottle of Tangerine. (Grapefruit is AMAZING in water!) Learn more about this promotion.


If you haven’t signed up to become a member of Young Living yet, I hope you’ll consider joining me on the journey to wellness. Click here to join. If you sign up using my member # 3869797, I will include some special goodies and resources!


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